Crowdsource your decisions with the Buy-In of your team

Collective Intelligence has being around for a long time and, it has shown that when you combine the knowledge and opinions of groups to making decisions, the results are much more accurate and insightful than those decisions made from any single person.

Enhancing Employee's Experience

By combining collective intelligence, cognitive algorithms and advanced analytics, GeeniuX supports companies, organisations and group of people to making smarter decisions, easier and faster.

GeeniuX foster participation, engagement, collaboration and co-creation.

Produces real-time results, advanced analysis and reports. It Identifies group dynamics and evangelists to make best use of their know-how and their engagement.

GeeniuX Core Elements

Easy to setup, easy to manage and easy to configure

Decisions can be configured and distributed to hunderts of participants with just a few clicks.

Maximize engagement, increases co-creation and collaboration

Leverage crowdsourcing, minimize biases and eliminate herd behavior. All voices are heard!

Increase efficiency, productivity and organization's intelligence

Reduce costs and attrition and find consensus among participants, anytime, anywhere and with any device.

Realtime results, advanced analytics and reporting

Automatically generate reports, provide dashboards, executive summaries and results.

Supports growth and scalability at enterprise level

Capable of handling hundreds of decisions projects and participants simultaneously.

Crowdsourced innovation and decisions-making processes

Foster collective intelligence to surface the most valuable ideas to making smarter decisions faster.

Areas of Application

Open & closed innovation

Change & project management

Human resources

Market research

Product comparison

Judging panels

Behavioral economics

Meeting facilitation

Knowledge management

GeeniuX’s best features

How good is your Decision-Making?

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