We help companies and people making smarter decisions.

The Challenge

Making good decisions among a group of people is not easy and for that reason we started GeeniuX because we wanted to challenge the way decisions are made.

We believe that the efforts, costs and the time required to making important decisions can be substantially reduced and the quality of the results considerably improved.

Better results, more efficiency and more effectiveness in the decisions making process can be reached and we at GeeniuX can prove it!

This is the only tool you need for making smarter decisions

At GeeniuX we develop cloud-based collaborative solutions to help people and companies making smarter decisions anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Founded in 2016 in Switzerland, GeeniuX is among the most innovative Software as a Service companies. We want millions of small businesses to thrive through better tools, better decisions and better collaboration.

Like all great challenges, we can’t do it by ourselves: we work closely with our customers, partners, and other friends to push innovation forward, turning GeeniuX into the decision-making platform for the world.


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Geeniux Office


These are exciting times here at GeeniuX. We’re always on the
lookout for talented people to join our unique team.

When your goal is to join a company engaged in the design and
the development of innovative collaborative decision-making
solutions, then you need to talk to us.

GeeniuX is an equal opportunity employer and with us you
can go the extra mile. We are looking to meeting with you.