Presenting some of our best features

As the leading innovator for smart decision-making, GeeniuX is full of features built to help your organisation to making smarter decisions, capture fresh ideas and improve. Have a look at what GeeniuX can do for you.

Make Smarter Decisions

Leverage the Power of the Crowd (Collective Intelligence)

Collective Intelligence has being around for a long time and, it has shown that when we combine the knowledge and opinions of groups to making decisions, the results are much more accurate and insightful than those decisions made from any single person.

Eliminate Bias

Crowdsourcing prevents “groupthinking” and stops leaders from buying in to their own ideas without thinking through other perspectives. GeeniuX minimizes biases and eliminate herd behaviors as they negatively influence critical thinking and the way people make decisions.

Cognitive Algorithms & Advanced Analysis

An algorithm can assemble many more facts than any human being could easily process. By combining cognitive algorithms and advanced analytics GeeniuX can hugely improve the quality of your decisions and can increase decision process efficiency.

Improve Participation and Engagement

Informed, Engaged, Rewarded

Invite internal and external stakeholder and let them bring in fresh ideas and participate in the decision-making process. Send targeted customized emails, trigger automated alerts and notifications and GeeniuX’s gamification features make taking part fun and rewarding.

All voices are Heard

With GeeniuX you can reach anyone, also those who didn’t yet got a chance to present their ideas and opinions. By engaging employees you will leverage the input, ideas, and diverse thinking of others to make better choices. And when both employees and customers are actively engaged, organizations experience a huge rise in performance-related business outcomes.

Enhances Company Culture

Sending clear message to employees: “it matters what you think!”. Encourage buy-in and foster an environment where everyone’s voice is welcome, fostering an open and collaborative environment.

Analysis & Results

Real-time Results

Real-time dashboard, one-click advanced reports, and easy exporting gets you to actionable data as quickly as possible.  Automated scoring and statistical analysis improves data utility.

Advanced Analytics

Analyse data to identify general trends or for specific decisions to measure specific outcomes. View dashboard to track key innovators and contributors in your community and trends in decisions and ideas. Export platform data to further analyse the data in your existing tools and systems.


Complete your presentations for management using our robust interface for pre-defined, CI-branded reports.

Accessibility & Deployment

Anytime & anywhere

GeeniuX is available as a cloud-based (SaaS) or as an on-premise solution deployed behind your firewall and can be scaled up to an unlimited number of participants. You can quickly and easily connect with stakeholders around the world, collect and share ideas, make decisions for the most effective solutions to problems.

A compatible solution

GeeniuX can be accessed from mobile, tablet, desktop or notebooks. Everyone has the opportunity to create or participate to a decision on any device, from anywhere and at anytime.


GeeniuX reduce access hurdles using our options for single sign-on, LDAP integration. Individual responses are protected with SSL encryption.

How good is your Decision-Making?

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